Novenas and Devotions



When praying the Seven Sundays devotion, it is customary to pray for a specific intention, asking St. Joseph’s powerful intercession for your needs. Then read the bible readings for sorrow and for joy.  Begin seven Sundays before his Feast Day of March 19.

                    1st Sunday
Sorrow (Matthew 1:19)  The Doubt of St. Joseph
Joy (Matthew (1:20)  The Message of the Angel

                    2nd Sunday
Sorrow (Luke 2:7)  The Poverty of Jesus’ Birth
Joy (Luke 2:10-11)  The Birth of the Savior

                    3rd Sunday
Sorrow (Luke 2:21)  The Circumcision
Joy (Matthew 1:25)  The Holy Name of Jesus

                    4th Sunday
Sorrow (Luke 2:34)  The Prophecy of Simeon
Joy (Luke 2:38)  The Effects of Redemption

                    5th Sunday
Sorrow (Matthew 2:14)  The Flight into Egypt
Joy (Isaiah 19:1)  The Overthrow of the Idols of Egypt

                    6th Sunday
Sorrow (Matthew 2:22)  The Return from Egypt
Joy (Luke 2:39)  Life with Jesus and Mary at Nazareth

                    7th Sunday
Sorrow (Luke 2:45)  The Loss of the Child Jesus
Joy (Luke 2:46)  The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple