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Pray for


All the Faithful Departed

In your charity, take the time to earn a Plenary Indulgence

for the faithful departed. The indulgence, normally offered from

November 1-8, is now extended throughout the month of November.

Click here to find out about indulgences and how to earn them.

St Maximilian Kolbe GOAL – $63,780.00

Total Donors: 207 Donors                  Percentage of Goal: 98.9%

     As of 02-23-2021

                                           Goal:        $ 63,780

                                      Pledged:       $ 63,058

                 Outstanding Balance:            $ 722


St Katharine Drexel GOAL – $53,616.00

Total Donors: 147 Donors                  Percentage of Goal: 86.9%

     As of 02-23-2021

                                           Goal:         $ 53,616

                                      Pledged:       $ 46,585

                 Outstanding Balance:         $ 7,031

Thank you for supporting our parish in the 2020/2021 campaign.


Your gift to the CMA helps fund ministries affecting every Catholic and faith community in our 12 county diocese.

When you give to the Catholic Ministries Appeal Your Gift Is Joined With Thousands of Others To Enable Our Diocesan Community Of Faith To:

  • Fund ministries that nurture children and teenagers in the Catholic faith and teaches values they’ll carry into adulthood.

  • Help pay for the proper education of our seminarians on the road to priestly ordination

  • Ensure we can help struggling families find their way through economic crisis and back to stability

  • Prepare engaged couples for God-centered marriages rooted in the Catholic Church

  • Educate and prepare those who wish to become Catholic for the fullness of life in the Church through RCIA

  • Enable us to promote Catholic values about the sanctity of all life and make our voice heard in society

  • Fund programs that give young adults on college campuses a connection to the Church.

  • Provide important services to your parish that it would find difficult to afford on its own

  • Support ministries that reach out with the hands and heart of Christ to the aged, the sick, and the imprisoned

  • Help fund the crucial work of Catholic Charities, which serves more than 250,000 people annually

CMA 2019/2020 Annual Report

2020/2021 CMA Allocations


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