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Weekend Masses

ST. PATRICK - Macedon

    Saturday                     4:30 PM

    Sunday                     10:00 AM

ST. ANNE - Palmyra

    Sunday                       8:00 AM


ST. MARY'S - Ontario

    Saturday                     4:30 PM

    Sunday                       8:30 AM


    Sunday                      10:30 AM

Weekday Masses

ST. PATRICK - Macedon

    Mon & Wed                8:30 AM

St. ANNE - Palmyra

    Thursday                    8:30 AM


ST. MARY'S - Ontario

    Mon & Wed                8:00 AM

    First Friday                 8:00 AM


    Tue & Thu                  8:00 AM

Words to Inspire the Faithful


We cannot take rest as long as there is in the world one soul in danger, who does not yet know the Immaculata. Our human frailty, limited resources or any other worldly difficulty must not restrain us; let us confide in the Immaculata, let us place ourselves truly in Her hands and She will continue to win the battles of God, as at Lepanto, as at Vienna. We must place our Lady in every soul so that from every soul sin be expelled and Jesus introduced. Whoever finds the Immaculata, finds Jesus.

                                      St. Maximilian Kolbe

JULY 17TH - 21ST

Parish News & Upcoming Events

Contact Us:

St. Katharine Drexel Parish

    52 Main St.

    Macedon, NY  14502

    Phone:  315-538-8242
    Office Hours:  M & W  8am - 12pm




            Saint Katharine Drexel Parish

Visit Us:

St. Patrick's Church

    52 Main St.

    Macedon, NY 14502


St. Anne's Church

    136 Church St.

    Palmyra, NY  14522

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Contact Us:

St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish

    P.O. Box 499

    Ontario, NY  14519
    Phone:  315-524-2611

    Office Hours:  M - Th  8:30am - 2pm




            Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish - Ontario, NY

Visit Us:

St. Mary's of the Lake Church

    5823 Walworth Rd.

    Ontario, NY  14519

Church of the Epiphany

    105 West Main St.

    Sodus, NY  14551

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Report financial fraud and suspicious activity

Anonymously call the Hotline at 585-328-3228, ext 1266 (or toll-free at 800-388-7177, ext 1266) or file written reports to:
    Internal Audit Department
    Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester
    1150 Buffalot Road

    Rochester, NY  14624

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