Funeral Luncheons

are Resuming

at St. Mary’s

NEEDED: A person or persons with the gift of administration and coordination. Our Martha Ministry leaders are stepping down and we need one or two people to take on their role. Please, prayerfully consider making a two-year commitment to this wonderful ministry in our faith community. You—or you and a friend—can share the leadership. Leave your name or names at the parish office or call one of the names listed below.

After a two-year pause, St. Mary’s is ready to resume offering luncheons to families who hold a funeral at this church. Many many families have expressed gratitude at the ease and comfort of returning to our parish center for a meal and a place to share memories of a loved one. But, we have one remaining spot to fill—yours—before we can tell our funeral facilitator to again offer a luncheon to the bereaved family. Historically, there are about two funerals a month. The St. Mary’s Martha Ministry has over 75 men and women listed to help. A smooth transition can be expected because Jean Kiedrowski, Carolyn Gorski and Elaine O’Conner have offered to partner with the new persons on their first few luncheons.

Please call the St. Mary’s Office 315-524-2611 to volunteer.

For additional information, contact one of the following:

Jean Kiedrowski 315-524-2894

Ann Sass 315-573-3651

Jean Bell 315-524-7281

Leslie Doyle 315-524-6671

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 Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, NY